In today’s business world, adapting to the needs of customers is more important than ever. That is why Clarage continues to invest in expanding our in-house and on-site testing capabilities. These efforts are a direct reflection of our commitment to provide the highest quality products and to continually elevate our ability to prove performance—regardless of the size, complexity or scope. With the most sophisticated research and development testing laboratories in the industry, only Clarage has the collective experience and expertise for tackling the most technically complex testing requirements for the most demanding environments.

In-House Testing Capabilities
AMCA 204 Balance & Vibration Testing
AMCA 210 Performance Testing
AMCA 250 Jet Fan Thrust Testing
AMCA 300 Sound Testing
Impact (Bump) & Overspeed Testing
Seismic Testing
High Temperature/Survivability Testing
Mechanical Run Testing
Narrow Band Sound & Vibration Testing
Strain Gage Testing & Analysis
Modal Analysis Testing
Vibration Analysis & FFT Spectrum Analysis

On-Site Testing Capabilities
AMCA 203 & 803 Performance Testing
Sound Testing
Vibration Analysis & FFT Spectrum Analysis
Balance & Alignment Testing
Modal Analysis Testing & Operation Deflection 
Shape (ODS) Analysis