Field Services
>Installation Advisors
>Balance & Laser Alignment
>Operational Training
>Performance Testing
>Vibration Analysis

Turnkey Solutions
>Installation & Commissioning
>Retrofits - All Brands
>Technical Services
>Repair & Rebuild
>Duct Work Modification
>Damper Installation
>Motor/Turbine Alignment
>Preventive Maintenance
>Inlet Cones
>Coupling Alignment
>Material Upgrades

Testing Services
 >Performance & Mechanical Run Tests
     -Up to 4,000 HP (2,983 kW)
>Seismic Testing
>Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
>Rotor Balancing
     -Up to 160 inch diameters (4,065 mm)
>Aerodynamic Performance Test
>Thrust Testing
>Sound Surveys
>High Temperature Testing
>Overspeed Testing

Engineering Services
>Finite Element Analysis
>Torsional Analysis
>Transient Torsional Analysis
>Bearing Analysis
>Computational Fluid Dynamics
>System Model Evaluation